What is a CCR & ORCA Registration & How do I Migrate Them Into SAM.GOV
(System for Award Management)

What is CCR?

Did your business seek federal contracts prior to July 30, 2012? If so, you began the process by registering your business with the CCR (Central Contractor Registration). The CCR was established as the U.S. governments supplier database; a central storage bank where contractors seeking government contracts submitted their information for validation. Once validated, the information was made available to government buyers and procurement officers.

What is ORCA?

In 2004, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) amended existing regulations to mandate the electronic submission of the Representations and Certifications by all contractors pursuing federal procurement opportunities. ORCA (the Online Representations and Certifications Application) was created and to reduce the overburdensome paperwork required by contractors participating in federal procurement.

What happened to CCR and ORCA?

Besides CCR and ORCA, there were several other databases throughout the federal procurement process, making it quite cumbersome for contractors, who were often being required to provide the same information multiple times through different systems. To minimize redundancies and streamline the process, the CCR, ORCA and other databases were consolidated into one single program for federal procurement – SAM (System for Award Management). A single location for federal agencies to look in for qualified entity information.

How SAM has Improved the Federal Procurement Process

Meshing CCR, ORCA and the 7 other procurement systems has improved the overall procurement process by reducing the number of passwords a contractor must keep track of and decreasing the necessity of re-entering information across multiple platforms. SAM allows all necessary information to be entered in one system that repopulates in corresponding fields and forms throughout the system. Federal agencies have also seen the benefits of the stream-lined SAM program.  Federal procurement officers and agencies can login at www.sam.gov and do the following:

  • Post solicitations
  • Maintain government-wide contract award data
  • Access government-wide subcontractor data
  • Identify suspended, debarred or other excluded parties
  • Verify contractor eligibility and responsibility
  • Evaluate contractor and subcontractor performance

How Does My Business Migrate to SAM?

If you were previously registered in CCR, you don’t have to start from scratch with document and information submission when you migrate to SAM. However, you will need to migrate your CCR account over to SAM via the legacy system option at www.sam.gov. It can be an intimidating prospect to navigate migrating to SAM or completing your initial SAM registration on your own. Especially considering SAM registration is mandatory for the pursuit of government contracts. After all, any delay in completing your SAM registration could mean missing out on potential time-sensitive procurement opportunities.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone! Contact Government Contract Registration’s team of experienced consultants can help! We’ll work closely with your business to ensure your migration or initial registration is completed accurately and quickly. We are committed to helping small businesses maximize their potential to win government contracts and have the track record to prove it! Contact Government Contract Registration now to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

SAM Registration & Renewal