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Can you or your business use a SAM.GOV Notarized Letter or the Single Entity Template for processing? If you do, you Can Find it Here. This letter is a very important step in your SAM GOVERNMENT Registration. If you are not certain of what letter is required then please contact one of our GCR Contract Consultants to help you.

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SAM.GOV 101 – Know The Facts:

To simplify and streamline the Federal Procurement process, the U.S. Federal Government created – SAM or “the System for Award Management,” and implemented the system through their website – SAM.GOV. The system combined the Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance and all other federal procurement systems into one entity. This includes Central Contractor Registration (CCR), the Excluded Parties List System, (EPLS) and the Online Representations and Certifications Applications System (ORCA). SAM.GOV is now a streamlined one-stop shop for all federal procurement activities and award functions.

Is Registering in SAM.GOV Mandatory to be Awarded a Government Contract?

Yes! In order to be eligible to provide products or services to the federal government in any capacity, you must first be registered in SAM. But you also must register with SAM.GOV if any of the following apply:


  • You wish to apply for Federal Grants at
  • To be eligible for FEMA Contracts.
  • To receive Federal Funding as a school or university.
  • Your business provides services to the federal government as a prime contractor.
  • You are a subcontractor performing services for the federal government under a prime contractor.
  • To be eligible for federal assistance as a state or local government entity.
  • To update and maximize your SBA status.
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Frequently Asked Questions About SAM.GOV Registration and Renewal –

What do I need before registering with SAM.GOV?

Before visiting the SAM.GOV public portal, you’ll need to have the DUNS number, as well as the tax identification number or EIN, for your business.

You will also need all pertinent information about your business, including the date you started, physical location, mailing address and designated points of contact within your organization.

And finally, as a result of security concerns, all new SAM.GOV registrants, renewals or amendments to existing SAM.GOV registrations must be accompanied by a Notarized Letter to the Federal Service Desk identifying a designated individual authorized to represent the entity (company).

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How long is my SAM.GOV Registration valid?

Once your SAM.GOV Registration is approved, it is valid for 1 year. It is critical to carefully monitor the date for renewal to avoid being barred from bidding on a Federal Contract or applying for a Federal Grant, due to an expired SAM Registration.

*Important to note:

The System for Award Management (SAM) is still in the process of integrating CCR, ORCA and EPLS. As a result, new SAM.GOV Registrations and Renewals may take several weeks to process.

There are two major factors that can lead to missed federal contracting opportunities – processing time and registration or renewal rejection due to errors in form completion.

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How do I know what type of Notarized Letter to submit for my SAM.GOV Registration or Renewal?

You can download a copy of the SAM.GOV notarized letter and Single Entity Template here. If you are unsure of which letter you need to submit, please contact a GCR Federal Contract Specialist for assistance.

How long does it take to complete my SAM.GOV registration or renewal?

Creating your account and completing the registration or renewal at SAM.GOV takes approximately an hour.

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