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SAM Registration & Renewal

System for Award Management Registration, Renewal & Migration. This registration is required to work with DoD, FEMA and all other federal agencies.

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Full Service SAM Processing

Select GCR is a third-party registration organization who charges a fee to complete a Full Service System for Award Management (SAM) Registration. Our service includes a dedicated Contract Consultant who will physically process the SAM paperwork on the your behalf. The Government offers free registration forms at, however SAM will not physically process any of the forms for you. All fees paid to Select GCR (Government Contract Registration) are for the filing of all government paperwork on a your behalf, saving you and your business time and ensuring accurate and complete filling the first time.


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SAM Notarized Letters

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Why Register?

The System for Award Management or “SAM.GOV,” is the central location for all Federal Procurement activities. It combines all the functions of Central Contractor Registration “CCR,” the Online Representations and Certifications Applications “ORCA,” and the Excluded Parties List System “EPLS.”

What benefits are associated with being registered in SAM & is it required?

If you want to work with the federal government, the answer is yes! You must be registered in SAM.GOV if any of the following apply:

• A vendor who wants to sell goods or services to any federal government agency.
• You want to apply for grants at
• Local or state government entity/agency or school/university who receives federal funding.
• Entity seeking eligibility to perform on FEMA contracts.
• Sub-contractor to a federal prime contractor.

*Please note: new registrations and renewals in SAM may take several weeks for approval.

How Long is My SAM Registration Good For?

Your SAM.GOV registration must be renewed each year. Contact GCR at least 90 days before your renewal date to avoid missing important bid opportunities. We’ll notify you in advance and get the renewal process started before your SAM.GOV registration expires.

SAM.GOV Registration Renewal

SAM Notarized Letter Is Required

With updated security concerns, new regulations for System For Award Management (SAM.GOV) were placed into effect on April 28, 2018. Any entity that wishes to register, renew or amend their SAM Registration is now required to supply a notarized letter to the Federal Service Desk. Our Contract Consultants can process this for you by simply filling out the information on the form above.

Both templates are located below. This letter is an important step in your SAM Registration. If you are unsure of what is required please reach out to one of the government contract consultants to assist you.