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    1. $650 for a year maintenance plan
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    Services to include Registration and migration of SAM, DUNS, FBO, DSBS, and FEMA.

Congratulations on taking the first step –
Enjoy the benefits of registering with SAM (System for Award Management)

Complete the above Online Registration Form for any of the following:

  • You are filing a new SAM registration (formerly CCR registration and/or ORCA certification).
  • You are renewing an existing SAM registration (formerly CCR registration and/or ORCA certification).
  • You are a vendor in the private sector wanting to do business with any federal government entity/agency.
  • You need an active SAM (CCR) Registration in order to apply for grants at
  • You desire to acquire a DUNS number, CAGE code and/or MPIN for SAM Registration.
  • You receive federal assistance and are a local or state government entity/agency or school/university.
  • You wish to be eligible for FEMA contracts by becoming registered and certified.
  • You are mandated to be registered and certified by your Authorized Contracting Officer (ACO) because you are a sub-contractor under a prime contractor.
  • You wish to modify and optimize your Small Business Administration (SBA) profile.

Attention: Due to the migration of the CCR & ORCA legacy systems to the System for Award Management (SAM), new entity registrations and renewals in SAM may take several weeks for approval.